Prepare for Times when You Might Be Prone to Anxiety

Prepare for Times when You Might Be Prone to Anxiety

Please note that this article was adapted from the following video.

Because of the limiting belief that anxiety is for the weak, some of us would never admit to have experienced it.  As such, discussing it might be a bit sensitive. In this article, from my very own perspective, I am going to talk about the reflexes you could develop to prepare for times when anxiety may hit you.

No matter who we are and what we do we are bound to get into states that are not very resourceful.

I personally like to see anxiety as result of a certain bio-chemical balance in our body, whatever caused it.

Why would I feel bad about how my body feels?

Have a bad night and lack sleep, drink a lot of coffee to make up for that, experience the pressure of entrepreneurial work, start repeating your “stories”, be alone for a day and you have yourself one of the many good recipes for being anxious.

No matter how far you are in your path of self-growth, it is nearly impossible to shield yourself from ever experiencing anxiety. So it comes always handy to develop reflexes around what you should be doing when your body feels this way. Your development of these reflexes will shorten the length of your anxiety crisis.

The number one mistake we do when we are anxious is to start focusing on the fact that we are anxious, we go within and guess what happens… We become more anxious. Here is where I recommend:

  1. Think of anxiety as a feeling your body is having, not you. And think in your mind: my body: I will take care of you. In other words: don’t panic; behave in the same way you observe your body when it is hungry. I am hungry, my body is asking for food. I am anxious, what is my body asking for? A bit along the line of: “Oh my body is being anxious right now, I will do something about it”.
  2. Knowing that the best way to experience love is by starting to giving it to others. Call or text someone you love! If you were experiencing love during your crisis you would hardly be anxious. Or the very least you can do is to surround yourself with people.
  3. Focus on the present. You can do that through breathing exercises. Or by allowing yourself to be distracted by your environment or whatever activity you will choose to do. For example: notice the noises around you, feel your surrounding, observe objects and people from the perspective of a child. Be amazed by how everything looks and feels.
  4. You can also exercise or do something you like:, listen to music that makes you feel good, look at pictures of your family, past trips or good moments.

One day you will find out that aside from any genetically influence, past conditioning or substances, how prone you are to be anxious is a direct reflection of your lifestyle and the perspective you are adopting on a daily basis about what life means to you.

The anxiety is the wound not the cause. You will be prone to it until you address its root.



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