Make the Most Out of Summer

Make the Most Out of Summer

The best way to enjoy summer, besides creating the time to enjoy it, is to have a “summer bucket list” and start planning your weeks in a way to make the fun happen.

If you are not proactive at organizing your summer, you’ll end up facing the same boring situations every weekend. You’ll sleep through the morning, watch a couple of TV shows, and maybe go out to the same restaurant you always go to. Instead of making the most of your summer, you will end up following the same routine you usually do and will miss out on the excitement that the summer months can bring.

Do you notice how every time we are faced with a travel decision or an activity we constantly second guess ourselves? We ask ourselves over and over again if it’s the right decision, if it’s the right time, if we really want to do it. We end up missing our chance as time passes us by and we find ourselves without the chance to do the things we really want.

Thankfully, there is an easy way to ensure that you have the time to do all of those things you’ve been dreaming of: buy the ticket. The best way to make something fun, or to break out of your routine, is to take your advice from Nike and “just do it.”

Yes, you might have unforeseen events or circumstances that make it so you have to cancel your trip, but you can’t allow these fears to prevent you from making a plan and organizing your time! Even if your plans fall short, you’ve hopefully been able to have fun in the process of creating them.

If you aren’t willing to take risks, good luck with being able to plan and organize anything in your life!

One question many people ask when they’re trying to make a decision is “what if this doesn’t work out like I planned?”  This is a possibility, but your experience will be what you make of it. Every experience, the good and the bad, teach us something about ourselves and remind us why we’re alive. Make the most of everything, including your decisions that didn’t work out, and remember why living is worth it. The real question to ask yourself is: “what gets you closer to living, experiencing, discovering?”

If you don’t plan for fun, you are likely not to have fun. We all have such busy schedules and lives that we simply have to write fun into the calendar. If we don’t set aside a time to play and celebrate, there will always be something else that we have to do.

So do yourself a favor; take some time to brainstorm and write on a piece of paper ideas of things you could be doing or things that you have always been interested in doing. Think of it like a “grocery list” of fun.

If you find that hard, seek inspiration in others around you and allow the process to make you more and more creative in building your list.

Before you start, you might have no clue what to include in this list…

It is totally normal to feel that way because you have not shown any commitment to building your list yet! But once you do things will start revealing themselves to you.

Let me inspire you a bit with some possible ideas:

Go to the event page of a local news website and see what’s happening around town!

Find restaurants in your city you have never tried.

Look for concerts, plays or events that are programmed to happen in your city during summer.

Find new destinations for hiking, going on a camping trips.

Go on and have fun doing some searching through the groups on there to see how others spend their leisure time.

These are just a few ideas. Start thinking of your own and filling your calendar! Before you know it your calendar will be full of the fun adventures you’ve been dreaming of.

When it is time to execute your plan, stop the chitchatting in your brain, just do it! You will enjoy it. The joy will come from taking the plunge and doing something fun. Nothing in life will go the way you planned, so you might as well enjoy the process.

Once you become good at making things happen in your life and making enjoyable plans you will be able to invite others to join you.

Here I am giving you a hint on how to start becoming popular and build new circles of friends!

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