Heading in a Different Direction? – Prepare the Field

Heading in a Different Direction? – Prepare the Field


It is not uncommon to change paths in life. It is not uncommon to leave the comfort of “the known” to become an entrepreneur or start a new adventure.
Changing paths leads to an open door to discovery and growth. It is tapping into a new potential for living and expanding your life!
As we all know the problem is, it is not easy to change paths.
Our brain is adapted to the comfort of circumstances we have been living in. The “unknown” can be draining.
A bit of fear and discomfort is good and motivating. But, too much fear and discomfort can be paralyzing and an obstacle to a successful change of direction. It can be an invitation to bail out of the original plan!
If you are contemplating a drastic change in career or lifestyle, be fully aware of the discomfort that may arise from losing what you were used to being and doing.
Even if you were sick and tired of the life you were living, you still felt safe. But in your new reality, a lot of what you were taking for granted no longer exists.
Since you know your weak spots, where you can be hit by new circumstances, prepare the field.

Embrace and Accept the Worst

The first thing that you should do is consider the worst thing that could happen to you. Then embrace the possibility. If you are not willing to accept the consequences of a change in your path or if you dread one of the possible outcomes, it might stop you in your tracks. You might end up attracting what you most fear. This is why embracing and accepting the worst outcome is important in destroying your fears.
If the consequences jeopardize your health, if the risk is not worth what you might get from a successful change, if the consequences test your core ethics and are stronger than your ability to adapt, you might want to reconsider your choice and find a new path.
The great news is that most of the time the worst consequences are ones that we can bear, whether they be failure, rejection, or financial stress.
And a lot of consequences you might fear are often not as bad as you picture them to be. There will always be possibilities to make them less bad than you think they are. It is amazing what we can do when we are in need or distress. We can get ourselves out of whatever situation is threatening us.

Safety Net

I have mentioned possibilities to limit the impact that the dreaded circumstances can have on you if they do occur.  You can consider these possibilities a safety net.Prepare a little draft of what you can possibly do if things don’t go as you planned!

Visualizing, Projections and Mapping

Besides drafting safety nets, you need to visualize and describe in a story how things would turn out if everything went well. Also write down what the meaningful actions you plan on taking to make this happen. This will give you a framework, a road map, to operate in the unknown; and it can keep you motivated.


Motivation is what keeps you going. It is the key to doing what you don’t feel like doing. And believe me, giving a new direction to your life will often require hard work and doing things you do not necessarily want to do. Once you have your Game Plan in place and you are sure about your actions, make sure you are always motivated to follow through. Being positive at the beginning of the day, or for just a few moments during the day, won’t do it. You have to feel this energy within you because it will carry you through the day. You are going to make sure you do whatever it takes for that to happen. One way to achieve this forward motion is to listen to a motivational speaker every couple of hours!

An Optimal State

Truthfully, how you feel will not only impact your perspective, but it will determine what you are willing to do and not do! You have to keep feeling good and gather as many influence in your life as you can that are in favor of that! Create a road map, a system that you are going to follow to make sure of your success!

New Systems

Look, a change of circumstances obviously means that you are not going to be doing things “business as usual”. New circumstances will obviously imply a need to adapt. Do you have a plan for accommodating all your actions, beliefs, and behaviors that will need to adapt to these new circumstances? If your new path requires working 12 hours a day, make sure you are getting the rest you need, the moral support you need, and the exercise you need to keep you sharp. Make sure that you are planning for a very exciting day.
You might say, “Yes, I am going to do all that. It is in my head.” But truthfully, if you don’t spend some time planning and building a structure for yourself, you are going to end up doing nothing. If your system fails, you fail!

Intention Setting, Tracking and Performance Assessment

If you have come up with a system, make sure that you are following it by reviewing your promises , commitments, objectives, and tasks every day. Track your accomplishments and weigh them against your intentions. Did you accomplish what you wanted to achieve?

You Are Not Alone

Most importantly, you might get caught in unforeseen circumstances. You might feel the pressure. You might feel overwhelmed and sometimes notice that things don’t always go as you planned. It is disheartening to have our dearest expectations not met. Don’t lose hope. Continue moving forward and asking for help.
Always remember that you are NOT ALONE!

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