Find Freedom in Choosing What You Think About

Find Freedom in Choosing What You Think About

Please note that this article was adapted from the following video.

Take some time to think about something that is not working well for you right now.

A problematic situation you are not being able to solve.

Something you want that you are not able to have.

A result you have not being able to achieve for a long time.

Take awareness of how your body feel when you keep these thoughts in mind.

Do you feel a bit stressed?

Do you feel anger or resentment?

In this article, I am going to compare you with a Fly in a Glass jar

You are going to see why. But first I want you to think: what does a fly do when you lock it in a jar?

A lot of time in your life you are going to face blockages. You are going to have difficulties in getting what you want or solving some of your problems. You might repeatedly try but you will often notice that you keep on hitting an invisible wall. You are fighting for something without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This is unbearable and depleting. Repeatedly hitting this invisible wall will make you feel as if you were locked in a glass jar. And when you do, it will make life very hard for you.

But it does not have to be this way, you don’t have to be locked in this jar.

Every time you focus on something that is not working in your life, you put yourself in this Jar and you close the lid on yourself. As soon as you feel locked, you start hitting the wall in a desperate attempt to escape and it makes things worse. It is not pleasant to hit this wall.

You often have no say in how long you are going to stay locked in this jar. But at least you can make the situation easier for you by staying put in the middle rather than keeping on hitting the wall. You can stay put in the middle at any time by not thinking about the problem and by momentarily letting go of trying to do something about it.While you might still be in the Jar, you will have a sense of freedom.

You can enjoy freedom in your life by choosing what you focus on and think about. Often when you do that, life ends up sending you answers. You realize that your solution was not a matter of hitting the wall of the jar but rather waiting for the lid to open up again.


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