Cultivating the Courage to Face the Unknown Through Training

Cultivating the Courage to Face the Unknown Through Training

Please note that this article was adapted from the following video.

This article is about the fear and the feeling of powerlessness we have when we project ourselves in situations we were not trained to deal with.

When we look at someone jumping off a cliff with a wing suit or doing something we cannot imagine ourselves doing, we forget all about the training this person went through before being able to deliver such results.

Not knowing what drives this person -his values and priorities for example- and all the circumstances -the conditioning, the wiring in his brain, the genetic predisposition- makes us blame ourselves for not being able to do what this person is doing. We forget that we cannot deliver a result like that, because we don’t know, we don’t have the skills for it, we don’t have the courage for it yet.

It is indeed going to be discouraging if you project yourself in a situation like that and start measuring your current ability to deliver results against the guy who trained all his life for that.

To get a result like being able to jump off a cliff with a wing suit, you will have to:

face the unknown.

expand your comfort zone

do things you did not do before

act despite the fear.

When you want get a result others have gotten but you don’t feel you can get yourself:

  • Don’t panic. Don’t feel powerless. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t compare yourself to anyone.
  • Don’t believe you are going to need to be instantaneously courageous without any prior preparation! The courage it takes to get certain things done can be, in great part, gradually obtained through training.
  • Think about how are you going to train yourself to face your fears and expand your comfort zone?
  • Look at the result in only one way: “If I want to, I’ll get there!”

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