The MarkTheWay Coaching and Training System  is a 7-step framework which combines effective coaching processes, engineering rigor and self-empowerment knowledge.

It allows you to experience personal and business results more quickly and enjoy a significantly higher level of overall satisfaction within as little as 3 months.



Christina Disler, CEO and Founder of Werklab

It has been a rewarding experience with Marc as my support and coach. His presence and perspective is unique and quite wonderful. The rapport was built between us very easily and effortlessly. I appreciate his ability to dive deep, have alternative methodologies, and the way he works around the accountability piece (which is where I naturally struggle). If you’re wanting to make changes, and ensure they are the right impactful changes, you are half way there with simply hiring Marc as your coach.

Jesse Teron, Entrepreneur - built my company from $0 to $600,000 in the first two years

Marc has helped me through a really rough patch in my life. He has helped me redesign my life and take it to another level. Marc asks questions that provoke you to think on another level and he actually listens to what you are saying -and not saying-. My work has only just begun with Marc and I have never been so motivated and driven in my life. I am excited to continue to work towards building the best version of myself. I highly recommend working with him if you get the opportunity.

Ramin Khoie, Co-founder, CEO of Mealo Solutions inc.

I took coaching sessions with Marc during the early stages of the launch of my new venture. In his work, Marc always showed creativity and dedication and in every session time flew by at an insane speed. My coaching sessions helped me pinpoint my most limiting beliefs and behaviors while resolving my issues one by one. After a mere six 1-hour sessions, I slightly pivoted the direction of my company which ignited a domino effect of great results for my team and I. After going through many start-up-journeys and having done my master’s degree in an engineering field, I never thought I would need a professional coach for work purposes. I have recommended coaching sessions to my sister, friends, and other co-founders at my current company as I strongly believe we all need someone to coach us through the toughest decisions of our lives. Not to take decisions for us, but rather to help us make unbiased, smart, and better decisions for ourselves. I forward this recommendation to you. Marc is a talented individual with great coaching skills, he can help you in this process!

Ciaran Olsen, Franchisee owner of College Pro Painters West Side Vancouver

Marc is a very effective coach. I have spent a lot of time looking for a coach who is reasonably priced and with whom I can relate to. My weekly coaching sessions help me focus my energy on areas of my life that matter, and become a much better version of myself in being able to help others.This is what Marc helps me with. If you are considering Marc as a coach, be open minded and have a chat with him. You will be happy you did.